Port number

Each protocol has a default port number that curl uses, unless a specified port number is given. The optional port number can be provided within the URL after the hostname part, as a colon and the port number written in decimal. For example, asking for an HTTP document on port 8080:

curl http://example.com:8080/

With the name specified as an IPv4 address:


With the name given as an IPv6 address:

curl http://[fdea::1]:8080/

The port number is an unsigned 16 bit number, so it has to be within the range 0 to 65535.


The given port number is used when setting up the connection to the server specified in the URL. The port is either a TCP port number or a UDP port number depending on which actual underlying transport protocol that is used. TCP is the most common one, but TFTP and HTTP/3 use UDP.

URLs using the file:// scheme cannot have a port number.