Modify the HTTP request

As described earlier, each HTTP transfer starts with curl sending a HTTP request. That request consists of a request line and a number of request headers, and this chapter details how you can modify all of those.

Request method

The first line of the request includes the method. When doing a simple GET request as this command line would do:


…that initial request line would look like this:

GET /file HTTP/1.1

You can tell curl to change the method into something else by using the -X or --request command-line options followed by the actual method name. You can, for example, send a DELETE instead like this:

curl -X DELETE

This command-line option only changes the text in the outgoing request, it does not change any behavior. This is particularly important if you, for example, ask curl to send a HEAD with -X, as HEAD is specified to send all the headers a GET response would get but never send a response body, even if the headers otherwise imply that one would come. So, adding -X HEAD to a command line that would otherwise do a GET will cause curl to hang, waiting for a response body that won't come.

Customize headers








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