The development team

Daniel Stenberg is the founder and self-proclaimed leader of the project. Everybody else that participates or contributes in the project has thus arrived at a later point. Some contributors worked for a while and then left again. Most contributors hang around only for a short while to get their bug fixed or feature merged or similar. Counting all contributors we know the names of, we have received help from more than 1700 individuals.

The list of people that have repeatedly shown up in discussions and commits during the last several years include these stellar individuals:

  • Daniel Stenberg
  • Steve Holme
  • Jay Satiro
  • Dan Fandrich
  • Marc Hörsken
  • Kamil Dudka
  • Alessandro Ghedini
  • Yang Tse
  • Günter Knauf
  • Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa
  • Patrick Monnerat
  • Nick Zitzmann
  • Marcel Raad
  • Michael Kaufmann

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