List options

curl has more than two hundred command-line options and the number of options keep increasing over time. Chances are the number of options will reach 250 within a few years.

In order to find out which options you need to perform as certain action, you can, of course, list all options, scan through the list and pick the one you are looking for. curl --help or simply curl -h will get you a list of all existing options with a brief explanation. If you do not really know what you are looking for, you probably will not be entirely satisfied.

Then you can instead opt to use curl --manual which will output the entire man page for curl plus an appended tutorial for the most common use cases. That is a thorough and complete document on how each option works amassing several thousand lines of documentation. To wade through that is also a tedious work and we encourage use of a search function through those text masses. Some people will appreciate the man page in its web version.