Creative people have written bindings or interfaces for various environments and programming languages. Using one of these allows you to take advantage of the power of curl from within your favorite language or system. This is a list of all known interfaces, as of the time of this writing.

The bindings listed below are not part of the curl/libcurl distribution archives. They must be downloaded and installed separately.

Language Site Author(s)
Script Basic Peter Verhas
C++ Jean-Philippe, Barrette-LaPierre
Ch/C++ Stephen Nestinger, Jonathan Rogado
Cocoa (BBHTTP) Bruno de Carvalho
Cocoa (CURLHandle) Dan Wood
D Kenneth Bogert
Delphi Mikhail Merkuryev
Dylan Chris Double
Eiffel Eiffel Software
Falcon Falcon
Gambas Gambas
glib/GTK+ Richard Atterer
Go ShuYu Wang
Guile Michael L. Gran
Harbour Viktor Szakáts
Haskell Galois, Inc
Java Paul Legato
Julia JuliaWeb
Lisp Liam Healy
Lua (luacurl) Alexander Marinov
Lua-cURL Jürgen Hötzel, Alexey Melnichuk
.NET Masroor Ehsan Choudhury, Jeffrey Phillips
NodeJS Jonathan Cardoso Machado
OCaml Lars Nilsson
Pascal/Delphi/Kylix Jeffrey Pohlmeyer.
Perl Cris Bailiff and Bálint Szilakszi
PHP Sterling Hughes
PostgreSQL Paul Ramsey
Python (PycURL) Kjetil Jacobsen
R Jeroen Ooms, Hadley Wickham, RStudio
Rexx Mark Hessling
Ring Mahmoud Fayed
Ruby (curb) Ross Bamford
Ruby (ruby-curl-multi) Kristjan Petursson and Keith Rarick
Rust (curl-rust) Carl Lerche
Scheme Bigloo Kirill Lisovsky
Scilab Sylvestre Ledru
S-Lang John E Davis
Smalltalk Danil Osipchuk
SP-Forth ygrek
Tcl Andrés García
Visual Basic Jeffrey Phillips
wxWidgets Casey O'Donnell
Xojo Andrew Lambert

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